Wednesday , April 8 2020
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Wine-Related Firms Look to Uncork Opportunities in Marijuana

By Omar Sacirbey

DENVER (AP) — A growing number of companies that service the wine industry are now pursuing opportunities in the cannabis sector, hoping to generate new revenue streams.

For marijuana businesses, that means a host of potential new ancillary companies to choose from, as well as added legitimacy from an industry that once appeared to be a potential enemy.

According to George Christie, CEO of the Wine Industry Network, wine-centric businesses and professionals that have expressed interest in the cannabis sector include:



—Compliance specialists

—Farm equipment suppliers

—Labeling and packaging companies


—Vineyard operators

“I was always aware that when recreational cannabis became legal, there would be a lot of opportunities for companies that already serve the wine industry,” Christie said.

Read more at U.S. News & World Report

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