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Why can’t this ALS patient be allowed to smoke medical marijuana?

By News Service of Florida

After spending more than five years pleading with the Florida Legislature to legalize medical marijuana, Cathy Jordan and her husband, Bob, were back in Tallahassee on Thursday.

But this time, the Bradenton couple appeared in a Leon County courtroom, asking a judge to overturn a state law that bans patients who qualify to use medical marijuana — like Cathy Jordan, who has suffered from Lou Gehrig’s disease for more than three decades — from smoking their treatment.

Florida voters in 2016 approved a constitutional amendment authorizing patients with certain debilitating medical conditions to use pot, if their doctors order the treatment. The Legislature in June passed a law to carry out the constitutional amendment, which was largely bankrolled by Orlando trial lawyer John Morgan.

The law bans smoking medical marijuana, something Morgan, Jordan and their lawyers argue violates the constitutional amendment.

Read more at the Tampa Bay Times

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