Wednesday , April 1 2020
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When Will the Public Consumption of Cannabis Be Legal?

By Dante Jordan

Despite the fact that over half of the United States has legal access to some form of cannabis, publicly consuming it is illegal. Medical marijuana patients should be able to consume their medicine whenever and wherever pain might strike. Recreational marijuana consumers should have a public space to enjoy their products. Yet, getting caught consuming cannabis anywhere other than the darkest depths of your bedroom could have repercussions ranging from small fines to years in jail time.

The main problem with these laws is that although cannabis has been legalized, consumers are identified and isolated as wrongdoers. The laws indicate, “Okay fine, you can do this, but we better not see it or you’re in trouble, pal.” This not only encourages a reclusive lifestyle for cannabis consumers by essentially excluding them from the community, it also creates a double standard in relation to substances like tobacco and alcohol, which have been scientifically proven to be more harmful than cannabis.

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