Monday , January 27 2020
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Weed 101: How to Choose Marijuana

By Jamie Peck

I’ve never been great at smoking weed. While some lucky smokers can come home, spark up a fatty and enjoy the benefits of ancient plant medicine, there’s always a chance I’ll end up lying awake all night, heart pounding, too out of it to even follow an episode of Bob’s Burgers. When someone offers me a joint at a party, I ask, “Is it strong?” then take the smallest hit possible to gauge its effects. Even then, sometimes I have to leave, because who knows what I’ve even been saying? My brain is on a seven-second delay from my mouth, and I’m so thirsty and confused.

While most people would’ve given up by now, I’ve had enough good times to want to keep trying; the right kind of leaf renders me so chill you could make ice in me. Plus, there are concrete benefits: Cannabis has been shown to help with everything from insomnia to menstrual cramps to the ambient, free-floating anxiety that afflicts everyone to some degree. Unlike alcohol and pharmaceuticals, its downsides are slim, and the people who like it really seem to get a lot out of it. And so, armed with a renewed sense of purpose, I spoke with some experts about the basic things to look out for when shopping for dank buds.

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