Friday , January 24 2020
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Trademarks in Cannabis: Where Did All the ‘Star Wars’ Strains Go?

By Bailey Rahn

When it comes to intellectual property, it appears that the Force is with George Lucas and his formidable legal team.

While browsing Leafly, you might be wondering what happened to the widely-cherished Skywalker indica or the heavyweight hybrid Ewok. Unfortunately, they recently went up in smoke in a preventative measure as more cannabis strains come under scrutiny for trademark infringement. But don’t worry—you’ll still find these strains under alternative monikers Alien Walker (Ewok), Mazar x Blueberry (Skywalker), and Mazar x Blueberry OG(Skywalker OG).

Last year, GG Strains—breeder of the famous Gorilla Glue #4 strain—came under fire with a lawsuit issued by the Gorilla Glue adhesive company, who ordered the cannabis producer to rebrand its top crop. GG Strains has since settled and renamed its prized cuts GG4, GG1, and GG5.

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