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The Complicated History of Cannabis in the US

By Allison McNearney

No matter the decade, one thing never changes: parents will always be worried about the effect peer pressure has on their children. In the 1950s, access to cars became much more common for American teenagers. This gave them a variety of freedoms unimaginable to previous generations. That newfound autonomy brought with it all-new temptations, and their parents freaked out. For a great deal of those petrified parents, Marijuana became public enemy number 1.

To combat this, Encyclopedia Britannica produced this mental hygiene film to warn kids about the dangers of smoking pot. After all, who would want to risk becoming like poor Marty? In just a few short weeks after taking one puff at a party, he devolved from an upstanding young boy to a full-fledged drug addict and petty criminal. Realistic? No. A hilarious time capsule of the 1950s? Absolutely.

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