Wednesday , April 1 2020
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Telemedicine Creates Modern Convenience for Medical Marijuana Users

By Laura Kuhl

Telemedicine is the modern answer to the physician house calls of yore. Medical marijuana users can now easily access healthcare professionals through the use of online telemedicine portals. They never even have to step foot in a doctor’s office. Patients connect with their physicians or specialists in real time via online platforms which can be accessed through a smartphone or web camera.

The Telehealth Resource Center categorizes telemedicine as an online medical consultation service. It gives patients access to expert specialists who are not physically available to them locally.

Telemedicine technology was traditionally used by larger healthcare systems to connect patients with contracted providers in specialist areas like psychology and dermatology. Today, these specialists can launch telemedicine platforms to communicate with their niche consumers. It opens the doors for medical cannabis providers to connect with users outside of their resident medical reach.

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