Monday , February 24 2020
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Portland company creates marijuana skin patch

By Nina Mehlhaf

A Portland company is one of a few in the state of Oregon to create a CBD (cannabidiol) marijuana patch that sticks on your skin, similar to the way a nicotine patch works.

Mandy Seybert owns Synergy Skin Worx. Her company grows medical and recreational marijuana flower in Clackamas County, and now is bringing what was once only for medical pot patients and rigorously lab tested, to the recreational user. Their transdermal patch is now for sale at recreational dispensaries for the first time.

“We have a high CBD patch with 63 milligrams and we do it in a 36-hour time release. Then we have a half THC, half CBD version, and a full THC version,” Seybert said. “You just peel off the film from the plastic after you’ve cleaned the area and go ahead and apply it to your skin.”

Read more at KGW

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