Friday , April 26 2019
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Cannabis Beer Soon To Be Available — In Canada

By Thomas Pellechia Perhaps it will be called Cannabeer. Whatever it’s called, according to Lauren Eads, the, Canada’s Province Brands (PB) “filed the provisional patent for the ‘world’s first beers brewed from the cannabis plant.’” Other companies have produced wine and beer laced with cannabis, but according to the Drinksbusiness article, …

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Can you fly with marijuana within legalized states?

By Harriet Baskas In January, California joined the growing list of places where the sale of recreational marijuana is allowed, and now one in five Americans lives in a state where buying pot can be a tourist activity. But if you’re considering traveling with pot, be careful. Marijuana is still …

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Fox News Poll: Support for legalizing marijuana hits record high

By Victoria Balara With recreational use of marijuana now legal in nine states plus Washington D.C., the latest Fox News Poll finds a record number of voters nationally favor legalization. The poll shows 59 percent of voters support legalizing marijuana. That’s up from 51 percent in 2015, and 46 percent …

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Uruguay Legalized Marijuana and the Crime Rate Has Plummeted

By Canada gets the headlines for its plan to legalize marijuana nationwide in 2018. So does anti-marijuana rhetoric from some officials in the Trump Administration. Meanwhile, in the South American country of Uruguay, the sale and possession of marijuana has been legal since last July. Citizens there can grow …

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