Wednesday , April 1 2020
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Michigan towns poised to become medical marijuana hubs

By Kathleen Gray

Sharon Stalsberg is looking forward to the day, hopefully in the next several months, when Pinconning Township will no longer be known as the home of the Pinconning Paralyzer.

The legendary – and supposedly very potent – strain of marijuana plant, developed in the 1980s by a Pinconning resident who was looking for relief from symptoms of multiple sclerosis, has defined the township for decades, the township supervisor said.

The move from the illegal marijuana business to the new regulated and taxed medical marijuana industry is set to go live in the next month or two and Stalsberg said the township in Bay County is all in for the legal business and ready to erase the memory, if not the few remaining seeds and cloned plants, of the Paralyzer.

Read more at the Detroit Free Press

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