Thursday , April 9 2020
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Medical marijuana for pets?

By Jake Miller

It’s no secret that cannabis has medicinal effects on humans. But can it help our pets as well?

Dr. Casara Andre, founder of Cultivate Veterinary Wellbeing in Wheat Ridge, wondered the same thing after watching her boyfriend’s father battle cancer. He eventually turned to cannabis.

“I saw it make days bearable for him,” Andre says. Cannabis eased activities like eating and interacting with family and, as a veterinarian, Andre wanted to know how animals would respond to similar treatments. Her first animal patient was her own 15-year-old cat that had arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease. Over time, she was able to develop a treatment plan for her pet using CBD and THC products to help with each of her cat’s issues.

Following the success with her cat, Andre treated her other pets and the pets of friends with cannabis products. She has been professionally educating clients at Cultivate for a year now. “I don’t think I would have gotten into treating pets with cannabis in a wider professional sense if it hadn’t been such a life changer for her,” Andre says of her cat.

Read more at The Colorado Springs Independent


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