Thursday , April 9 2020
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Low-THC Medical Marijuana Programs A Bust For Cannabis Industry

By Mike Adams

Although medical marijuana is legal in over half the United States, not all of these programs are created equal. Some are comprehensive, giving patients with a laundry list of qualified conditions the freedom to access various strains of marijuana with a recommendation from a licensed physician. Others are more restrictive. These typically only give patients with specific debilitating conditions, like certain types of epilepsy, the freedom to treat their symptoms with a legal form of cannabis.

This toe-in-the-water approach to medical marijuana forces participants to rely almost exclusively on expensive, low-THC cannabis products. It also requires them to jump through a series of hoops (approval from more than one doctor, etc.) before they can even begin to think about visiting a dispensary. These factors alone prevent many qualified patients from leaning on legal sources. Instead, they continue frequenting the black market, where they can get their hands on the real medicine they need.

Despite all of the problems surrounding low-THC medical marijuana programs, cannabis companies scramble like wild-eyed fiends to get in on the action whenever a state approves a program of this kind. But as many of them have learned, the restrictive nature of these programs does not come with the promise of a golden goose at the end of the day.

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