Thursday , April 9 2020
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Is The United Kingdom Being Flooded With High Potency Cannabis?

By Adam Drury

Even though the consumption of cannabis has fallen in the UK in recent years, weed is still the most popular illegal drug there. But it’s not the number of people using cannabis that’s triggering a new round of anti-cannabis concern-trolling in the UK. Instead, some are sounding the alarm over a new study that claims marijuana has become so strong it puts users at risk of developing psychotic disorders. Is the United Kingdom being flooded with high potency cannabis? And does it really pose the mental health dangers some experts say it does?

A study published Wednesday in the journal Drug Testing and Analysis is once again raising concerns about cannabis use and mental health in the UK, where the drug is prohibited. In it, researchers aimed to update the findings of a 2008 study that examined the potency of “street cannabis.”

The current study analyzed 460 samples of cannabis from the same areas of the UK assessed in the 2008 report. The gas chromatography results indicate that illicit cannabis in the UK hasn’t gotten any stronger; there’s just more of it on the market.

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