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In ‘Grass Roots,’ A History Of Marijuana In America

By Xandra McMahon

AUGUST 16, 1964, was a quiet Sunday in San Francisco. The Giants were set to play the Milwaukee Braves in Candlestick Park that afternoon, while the city prepared to host the Beatles, scheduled to arrive two days later for the start of their first North American tour. Occupied by the arrival of the Fab Four, the police were taken by surprise when twenty-eight-year-old Lowell Eggemeier walked into the city’s Hall of Justice, lit up a joint, and politely asked to be arrested for smoking pot. “I am starting a campaign to legalize marijuana smoking,” he told the stunned cops who watched him take a drag. “I wish to be arrested.” At the time, it was a felony to smoke marijuana in California, and Eggemeier was quickly hauled off to jail.

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