Friday , April 3 2020
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How Cannabis Can Take Your Workout to the Next Level

By Lea Weatherby

The idea for San Francisco’s Power Plant Fitness, the world’s first cannabis gym, came to founder Jim McAlpine as a teenager, after he ripped a bong before lifting weights in his parent’s garage.

“In the ‘80s, a cannabis gym would have never been possible,” he explains. “But now we’ve started moving down the path of raising money, and people seem to be really intrigued by it. It just took like wildfire.”

Mixing weed and workouts may seem radical, even antithetical, to many pot smokers. But since the recreational use of marijuana was legalized in states like Colorado, Washington and California, the influx of weed in everything from food and beverages, to candles, to lube, has inspired a movement where being high is less a temporary state of mind than a permanent aspect of one’s overall lifestyle. Given its natural medicinal properties, it’s perhaps only natural that the health and fitness industry would be weed’s next frontier.

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