Thursday , April 9 2020
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Florida Attorney Disbarred After Selling Fake Marijuana-Growing Certificates

By Travis Cohen

Most attorneys don’t deserve the bad rap their profession has gotten. But when a lawyer hires an unlicensed doctor to help sell fake marijuana certificates for $800 apiece that supposedly give people legal cover to grow weed, he has earned a bit of that ugly reputation. And once SWAT teams start kicking those clients’ doors down and hauling them off to jail, it’s probably time that lawyer lost his license.

Ian James Christensen was exactly that kind of attorney, according to police and prosecutors. Now the Florida Supreme Court has finally disbarred the Jacksonville-based lawyer for professional misconduct over the weed-licensing scheme.

According to the January Supreme Court order, Christensen spent years charging clients for truly awful legal counsel about how to grow pot in a state where recreational weed is very much still against the law.

Read more at the Miami New Times

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