Monday , March 30 2020
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Ending the war on medical marijuana

By Beau Rothschild

It is time for the real federalists in Congress to step up and stop Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ war on medical marijuana.

Veronique de Rugy wrote recently in Reason, “the Attorney General’s reversal on marijuana is out of step with states’ rights and public opinion.” The real federalists respect the idea that “it’s the essence of liberty to let people make their own decisions as long as they’re not harming others.” States that have consented to this exercise of liberty should be respected.

Now that the government shutdown is over, and Congress is staring at a new Feb. 8, 2018 deadline to fund the government, the issue is particularly urgent. The issue that stalled the last continuing resolution was a debate over DACA and funding for a wall at the southern border. One issue percolating that could become another stumbling block for the next deadline is the issue of how the federal government will treat states that have allowed medical marijuana.

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