Thursday , August 22 2019
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Don’t Fall for It: Marijuana ‘Amnesty Boxes’ in Airports

By Chris Roberts

A vast array of entertainment awaits the tens of millions of people who visit Las Vegas every year: casino games, sophisticated shows, sumptuous meals and more. These delights are designed to compel those visitors to part with their money, lots of it — and to do so freely and willingly.

It’s not until Vegas visitors head back to McCarran International Airport that they are deceived. Here, authorities are attempting to trick them into parting with their cannabis.

Nevada was one of the four states to legalize commercial recreational marijuana on Election Night 2016 — and Nevada was the first to see dispensaries open for business.

In both Colorado Springs and in Las Vegas, local authorities have decided to exempt their airports from their state’s marijuana legalization laws. Thus, it’s unlawful to possess cannabis at both airports. Authorities say they did this to comply with federal law, though it’s unclear why that’s necessary and what benefit they hope to earn. Similar moves have not been taken by airports in California and Oregon.

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