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Colorado Rates a “B” for Medical Marijuana Access

By Thomas Mitchell

Colorado used to to be one of the few states in the country with legal medical marijuana. But that has changed rapidly, with the majority of the states in the United States offering some kind of access to medical marijuana. According to a prominent advocacy group, however, many of those states put severe restrictions on MMJ, making Colorado’s program look robust in comparison.

Medical marijuana advocacy group Americans for Safe Access just released its annual report card, which gives a brief history of medical marijuana in this country and then grades and ranks all the states with MMJ programs. The 187-page report evaluates each one according to five categories:

  • Patient rights and civil protection from discrimination
  • Access to medicine
  • Ease of navigation
  • Functionality
  • Consumer safety and provider requirements

The categories are divided into sub-classes, with varying percentages of points given to each sub-class. For example, in the “Patient rights and civil protection from discrimination” category, a state could be awarded forty points for arrest protection, ten points for parental rights protections, and three points for out-of-state reciprocity.

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