Monday , March 30 2020
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Cannabis Coin (CANN), Marijuana Coins, Making a Noise

By Christine Masters

Legalized marijuana was one of the industries which embraced cryptocurrencies early. One of the reasons for that was the early refusal of banks to service otherwise fully compliant medical marijuana businesses back in 2014.

So-called pot coins are a subset of digital assets that have their own fan base, different from the more tech-centric crowd around some Ethereum projects. But lately, pot coins have seen more active trading, and some are relatively old and well-represented assets that are now enjoying the altcoin boom.

Now, Cannabis Coin (CANN) is just one of the digital assets showing the results of cannabis companies moving into crypto coins. CANN has sank from the recent peaks above $0.20, but the hype for this asset and the underlying company is not receding.

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