Monday , March 30 2020
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Cannabis and Schizophrenia

By the Jerusalem Post

Israel’s attitude toward medical cannabis is schizophrenic.

On one hand, it is probably the most developed nation in the world when it comes to innovation in the field. Israel, one of the few countries where it is completely legal to engage in clinical research, has develop new and innovative ways to deliver the medicinal substance in cannabis. Inhalers, creams, pills and oils make it easier for people who need cannabis to administer it. And researchers have perfected measurement of dosages so that the patient receives the exact amount he or she needs, and is not dependent on fluctuating qualities.

In April, the government will also become one of the few, if not the first, government to sponsor a conference that deals with uses of medicinal cannabis. Israel has also taken steps toward decriminalization. And more than 30,000 Israeli patients now receive cannabis through the health funds for medicinal use.

On the other hand, bureaucracy within the Health Ministry has forced tens of thousands of additional patients suffering from a wide range of ailments that can be treated with medicinal cannabis to wait more than a year to receive what they need. In the meantime, they are forced to take conventional drugs such as opioids and steroids, which are addictive and dangerous.

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