Monday , January 27 2020
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Businesses That ‘Don’t Touch The Plant’ Grow Up Alongside Marijuana Industry

By Julie Weed

Cannabis-related products and services that “don’t touch the plant,” are subject to less risk from federal anti-cannabis prosecution, and have fewer rules and regulations to abide by. They may just be the pick axes and blue jeans of the new Green Rush.

While Attorney General Jeff Session has been speaking out against cannabis, entrepreneurs in every part of the industry have been trying to build trustworthy companies along the entire value chain. A critical part of the growing infrastructure is the market of products and services being developed to help farmers, edible-makers and dispensary owners. The creators of these new offerings aren’t just slapping a leaf motif on an existing app, piece of software, or physical product. They are building from the ground up with the complexities of this particular market in mind.

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