Monday , February 24 2020
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Buck Eye Purple

As the name suggests, this bud is totally purple with a few green stems sprinkled in for contrast.  The bud has long fronds and is the opposite of compact.  It is loose buds threaded with purple hairs and crystals.

The initial taste is odd, reminiscent of Mexican dirt weed from the 1980’s. Even though the bud seems moist, it burns quick and clean. The after taste is mild and non-offensive.

This purple strain, and all strains that have red or purple buds, contain a pain-fighting substance. I was very curious to see if the pain relief rumors were true, as I suffer from chronic pain.

I smoked it and the effects were rather immediate, not a creeper over time. I felt a numbness come over the pain spots, and definitely a calmness.  The feeling is totally unlike narcotic pain relief, with no tiredness or “stupidity” that often comes from morphine based meds.  The high is cerebral – no couch lock.

As a medical consumer of marijuana, I would recommend this strain to all those who suffer from any kind of pain.  It would also be interesting to try this strain in an edible to compare the effects.

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