Thursday , April 9 2020
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Are Personal Grow Boxes the Future of Cannabis?

By Zack Ruskin

Doug Guy doesn’t consume cannabis — but he believes in its power to heal. A friend who wanted to grow marijuana in Massachusetts got him thinking about the plant for the first time.

“My friend was talking about putting tents in people’s yards and then doing a co-op grow and splitting the yield,” Guy says. “I told him it was a brilliant idea, but also illegal.”

The conversation inspired Guy to seek out legal alternatives, which led him to Cloudponics — one of several companies offering home-grow boxes intended to replace rudimentary tent and closet grows. The GroBox is a sleek piece of technology, one whose appeal comes from the simplicity of use and the fact that the tower-shaped unit can easily be wedged into a living room without drawing attention to itself. As long as you don’t hang any black-light Doors posters on it, it really does blend in.

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