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A Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Your Weed Smoking Lover

By Alia Stearns

It’s hard to plan the perfect Valentine’s Day, whether it’s the first one or the seventh or the fifteenth. This is why we stick to the same tried and true staples every year and manufacturers get away with making seven-foot teddy bears. It’s somewhat easier when your partner has hobbies and interests. That’s at least a starting point. Travel! Cooking! Books!

But even that doesn’t get you too much farther. You aren’t going to go online and type in “book” and buy the first result in Google shopping (which is Ocharlyie’s Rhymes from the Niger, BTW). You need to push yourself a little. Sure, people who are into cannabis are always gonna be good with getting some bud — try strains like Sexxpot or Bruce Banner for extra good sexual healing. But, that’s not particularly creative. Instead, try to riff on your beloved’s interests while displaying your creativity.

Yes, that can be daunting. And, that’s where we come in. Relax, and let us wingman this sh*t. We can’t talk you up (unless you request that in the comments), but we can hook you up with a dope gift. When constructing this gift guide, we went with all the clichés but tried to come up with fresh, fun options in those categories.

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