Tuesday , June 2 2020
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New York Democratic Party Endorses Legalizing Marijuana

By Tom Angell The Democratic Party of New York is officially on board with legalizing cannabis. “The New York State Democratic Committee supports the legalization of marijuana which should be regulated and taxed in a manner similar to alcohol,” reads a resolution adopted by delegates at the party’s convention on …

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Five facts you didn’t know about the cannabis industry

By Darla Mercado Whether you’re running a dispensary or you’re working in an ancillary business serving the pot industry, cannabis is set to take off. Legal sales of marijuana are expected to grow to more than $20 billion by 2022, from approximately $10 billion in 2018, according to Marijuana Business Daily. …

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Marijuana Isn’t Addictive, Former A.G. Eric Holder Says

By Tom Angell The nation’s former top law enforcement officer is not worried that the legalization of marijuana will lead to addiction. “I’ve never seen any scientific evidence that points you to concerns about addiction through the use of marijuana,” former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder said in an interview …

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